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Background & Khmu Tribe
Khmu in Luang Namtha, LaosThe Khmu or their ancestors probably settled the area of present-day Laos several thousand years ago and are one of the most populous ethnic groups in Laos. Part of the Mon-Khmer branch of the Austro-Asiatic linguistic family, the Khmu are divided into many sub-groups including the Khmu Lue, Kwaen, Rok and Ou, with the majority of Khmu in Luang Namtha being Kwaen or Rok. Like many of the ethnic groups in northern Laos, the Khmu are not Buddhist, but practice their own form of animism.

The Khmu in Luang Namtha generally practice mixed economies, growing rice, hunting, gathering forest products and producing handicrafts to generate some cash income. Because the Khmu are highly knowledgeable about medicinal plants and are highly-skilled producers of woven rattan and bamboo basketry, many Khmu villages are regularly visited by tourists that...Read more...
CBT-Community Based Tourism in Ban Nam Ha “Khmu Village”
CBT-Community Based Tourism in Ban Nam Ha “Khmu”Community based tourism in Ban Nam Ha was initiated in 2010. It was developed in response to preserve natures, cultures and as an alternative source of income for local villagers. As poverty is still a main problem in the area, there is a need to generate jobs and income for villagers in order to prevent them from illegal forest encroachment.

That is reason, the leader of the village try to contact private sector “Tour Operator” to setup Community Based Tourism, from 2010-2011 they organized trekking. But let income as from local guide only: 8 US$/day and service: 3 US$/time.

The beginning of 2012 the leader of the villages talks with tour operator about income…how to create more income? That we agree to setup homestay and other tourism activities as: group of husking rice, black smith, making bamboo basket, Khmu traditional Baci-ceremony, sword dance, short trek through jungle forest & participate...Read more...
Natural Tourism Resources in Ban Nam Ha "Khmu Village"
Nam Ha National Protected Area “Nam Ha NPA”Nam Ha National Protected Area “Nam Ha NPA”: Ban Nam Ha is located in the center of Nam Ha NPA, that’s easy for trek to explore real nature, which the name of Ban Nam Ha is from Nam Ha NPA.

Established in 1993, the mountainous Nam Ha NPA stretches from the Chinese border through the middle of Namtha province, covering over 224,000 hectares and about 24% of the province. In 2003 the...Read more...
Cultural Tourism Resources in Ban Nam Ha "Khmu Village" Khmu sword dance
Art and culture is also abundant. There are a number of musical instruments made of bamboo. In addition, they have folk tales, proverbs and dance of their own such as the sword dance “Phorn Darp” and the bamboo-slapping dance “Phorn Thung Bung”. Other culture available as: husking rice, blacksmith, making bamboo basket and Khmu traditional Baci-ceremony.
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