Art and culture is also abundant. There are a number of musical instruments made of bamboo. In addition, they have folk tales, proverbs and dance of their own such as the sword dance “Phorn Darp” and the bamboo-slapping dance “Phorn Thung Bung”. Other facets of native culture will be shared like the husking of, Read More

The river common for people kayak down to Nam Tha River. This river has many small rapids and villages to visit and is an easy river to kayak. Nam Ha Village is located in the head of the river and where all people start kayaking from here. the river flow through Nam Ha National, Read More

Nam Ha Village is located in the centre of Nam Ha NBCA, which makes it easier to trek and explore pristine nature. The name of Nam Ha Village is derived from the Nam Ha NBCA. “Nam” is mean river and “Ha” is mean fifth. Established in 1993, the mountainous Nam Ha NBCA stretches from, Read More